Ignite your business passion for long term creative strategy and success

Put more ease and creative flow into your marketing with a 2 hour Passion Pop intensive and rediscover your business passion!

Suffering from feast and famine cycles in your cashflow? You know you’ve got to get more regular with your marketing but somehow there’s never enough time. Or maybe you feel like you just can’t prioritise your own marketing.

Most of us use sight reasons such as; no time, not a priority, it didn’t work well in the past or I am not comfortable putting myself “out there”.

You’re not alone! 

Suzanne Novak Content Coaching
Passion Pop session with Alex Ouston from Vu Cosmetics Byron Bay.

A common theme when working with entrepreneurs is judgment of themselves or their results based on spasmodic marketing efforts. Once I dug a little deeper with my clients what I found surprised me. What they really lacked was creative inspiration due to low or absent business passion. To say it even better, they were unable to tap into their business passion when they needed it or had forgotten it all together. And without this passion they lacked the fuel needed for creative consistency and content confidence.


Without this passion they lacked the fuel needed for

creative consistency and content confidence


Most of us use excuses such as; no time, not a priority, it didn’t work well in the past or I am not comfortable putting myself “out there”.

After a Passion Pop  session, savvy business owners found themselves with an abundance of creative ideas, and a content flow that they didn’t want to stop. One session generated enough creative fuel to see them through the next 2 months.

Fall in love with your brand all over again by harnessing your business passion, and leverage that energetic momentum to create your next round of marketing strategy or content.

 “The creative direction we received took our brand from zero to one-hundred in a few short hours. We left feeling a great sense of achievement and ownership over what we created and can’t wait to move forward from the mind-numbing space we had been stuck in.”


Would you like more creative abundance when writing content, taking photos, sending emails, developing strategies?


Then book in for a 2 hour Passion Power session designed to get your groove back on!

When you’re in a space of passion, like falling in love, you open up a creative channel which expands your marketing opportunities. In your passion space words appear with ease, opportunities that were hidden show themselves and your intuition kicks in and takes control.

This passion vortex is the same space where your initial business idea was born. Thoughts bubbling to the minds surface with ease, ideas formulating that turn into intuitive action and set you on your path.  You know the feeling! You’ve felt it before. Entrepreneurs know it well! But most of us lack the tools or understanding to slip into this zone whenever we need it.

Aligning yourself with your business passion opens up a creative haven of ideas and inspiration that when harnessed, can leverage your marketing and business to the next level.

This two (2) hour Passion Power intensive guides you through a branding technique that you can use regularly to switch on your passion power. Use this technique whenever you need it for any marketing or business activity as a vehicle for projecting you immediately into your business passion and brand vision.

Why is that important?

For the best results in any marketing activity such as social media, email or business development, you need to be inspired, have clarity about your business vision and have a clear flow of creative strategy.

Why business passion?

Because it’s so much more fun! Instead of creating one tedious post at a time, when in your passion zone, you will be able to create one month of content across all platforms – with ease! Your posts will share a common thread infused with your brand vision creating more connection with our tribe. You will easily create an ongoing narrative that your community will relish in. Your business strategies will come from intuition and will be infused with confidence and knowing. They will also be game changing to your business and industry. Why? Because you have opened your mind to limitless potential where genius is born and leaders are created. You will also shut down your inner dialogue of market comparison and inner critic.

You need this Passion intensive if…


  • your business is busy and you have lost your creative flow,
  • you have always struggled with the creative marketing aspect of your business,
  • you’re great at the nuts and bolts but need help highlighting and infusing your brand vision into your marketing collateral,
  • you want to re-ignite your business passion,
  • you’re feeling a lack of direction in your business and would love a creative boost, or
  • you would like to map out the next two (2) months of content and would love loads of inspiration.

If you would love;


  • creative inspiration to infuse into your content writing,
  • to reignite your brand passion,
  • a new brand vocabulary to enhance all of your marketing and content,
  • a fresh new look at your business,
  • a method of switching off the cogs and turning on the love,
  • to re-ignite your business romance, and
  • to fall in love again,

then this intensive is for you.

All you will need is;

  • Two (2) hours
  • Pen and paper
  • An open mind
  • A desire for passion and new opportunities

$300 for two (2) hour of Passion Pop

(Includes 2 x 15min follow ups to review your progress and to keep you in the flow.)

Email me your name, business and location to start the conversation.


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